Tuesday, 28 March 2017


Missed and not to be forgotten

James Forliti (Blue's Dad) used to write a wonderful 'conductive blog'.

James was born and raised in Minnesota, and was living and working in British Columbia. His blog presented a strong and sardonic take to bringing up a son with cerebral palsy, and on the agencies that he met along the way. He was also a powerful advocate for Conductive EducationJames was born and raised in Minnesota, lived and worked in British Columbia.

His blog had a strong and sardonic take on bringing up a son with cerebral palsy, and on the agencies that he met along the way.

Most of those who blog, and those who comment on the blogs of others (on any topic, I think) tend to let it go after a time, leaving a few anoraks. James no longer blogs but yesterday Facebook reminded me that I had mentioned James and Blue on 27 March 2010. Others might like to meet him:

Here's just another example of James' to-the-point postings


Speleen test

My son is 'integrated' into his school classroom. Hmmm, sounds rather like a piece of equipment; bolted onto a machine. It's old news that he is 'integrated' into his school; but every once in a while it just hits me again how bloody low the bar is set for him. His little log book from the classroom aide reports that his task at school today was to give the spelling words to the other kids for a spelling test. This means that someone else recorded the words into a computer, he hits his head on the button (I think, or maybe they held his hand and hit the button with his hand) and the word is blurted out for the OTHER STUDENTS to do their chores. Holy smokes, is that what my boy is worth in the classroom? He helps the other kids practise spelling, yet no one is asking him to try to speak, or use his hands? Only conductors have touched that path with him. Sigh. I could just pull my hair out, but then my hair wouldn't be 'integrated' with my scalp any more. And my goodness, what would the ears and forehead think? Scandalous. Just plain skandullis.

[Highlighting by Conductive World, for added emphasis]

I learned a lot from James' blogs. Are there not other parent-bloggers out there now in the same conductive vein? Where?

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