Thursday, 6 April 2017


New online magazine – free

Boxing for people with Parkinson's is getting BIG. And when there is s genuine popular interest in a growing field, it is not long before there is a magazine for enthusiasts. (and if this takes off, competitors will follow).

It would do no harm for other practitioners working with Parkinson's to look at this too, and consider what is witnessed here.

Volume 1, number 1 of In Your Corner has just appeared, an online quarterly magazine produced by Rock Steady in the US but of potential worldwide interest:

If this were a paper publication, it would be a 'glossy'.

And Conductive Education?

To see its relevance to Conductive Education, go see Lisa Gombinsky's Counterpunch website and Facebook page, from New Zealand:




Young, J. (2017) The counterpuncher from Down Under, In Your Corner, vol. 1, no 1, pp. 26-27

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